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Introduction To The Comparative Studies Of All Religions

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Introduction To The Comparative Studies Of All Religions
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:08 pm

Introduction to the Comparative Studies of All Religions

I welcome all here to participate in comparative studies of different religions. It is important to possess basic knowledge of the religions that you are supposed to carry out our Mission. Unfortunately, all these religions bear sever animosity against each other for some naive reason. Peoples of almost all religions hate each other, and they cannot co-exist in the ever-expanding global society.

Our aim is to touch their hearts through power of Goharian love. I have spent a considerable time and effort trying to found out why peoples of these religions hate each other. Initially, I thought this is to do with their ego and cultural differences. After a thorough consideration, I realised that God himself was working behind the scenes of hatred and mutual intolerance.

We come from a Muslim background, and we have lived all our lives within an Islamic Society, which has a very strong effect on our lives. We have not been in any other religious society. We have been born and bred in an Islamic culture, and we do not know any other religious culture. Most nations that follow Islam have so much similarity in their culture because of Islamic influence. Islam is one of the best religions a prophet has ever established in this world. The significance of Islam is thath it is the last religion before the arrival of the Religion of God, therefore, it has a sense of universality, and its knowledge is broadened by the concept of engrossing all humankind. The Quran is one of the best celestial books, and it has messages and teachings for all humanity, not just for the Muslims. Quran is regarded as a miracle of Prophet Mohammad. A miraculous inspiration.

I (Younus AlGohar), have studied all celestial books, however, reciting the Quran is one of the most melodious experience, and the reader is attracted by its spiritual gravity to recite it. We have been under trance of the Quran, that, we never intended to recite any other celestial book. One has to focus all his or her attention on the spiritual nurturing in order to reap benefits from the recitation of the Quran. You study in schools, colleges and universities and you read books everyday, but you dont get the pleasure out of the reading. Obviously, you understand what you are reading in those books; but don't you think it is a miracle that most Muslims are not Arabs, and they do not understand the language of Quran, yet they enjoy reading it. It proves the fact that Quran is word of God. These are the facts; this is not being said, just because I come from an Islamic background. Now we belong to Imam Mehdi Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, and His message is the core and essence of the Quran, and we have been instructed to spread God's rapturous love to all humanity. Imamate of the humanity has been given to the followers of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has recruited some of His trustworthy disciples to lead the humanity in Love and divine call. The time is set for every human being to have his divine call. One form of divine call is known as 'Azan' which the 'Moazzin' serves 5 times a day, and there is another form of divine call and it comes from God in one's life to tell him/her time has come now to devote to God. Our remains engaged in mundane chores in his/her life, and this divine call requires him/her leaving out everything else and confine to service of the divine. One leads a sinful life before this divine call and he/she does not recall the prupose of his/her coming into this world, however, this divine call decies for him/her to adopt the divine-life-style, and forget his/her previous chapters of life.

Quran said, "Has the time not come for the believers to bend their hearts in Invocation of God?" This refers to the divine call that every man awaits in his/her life. Even if you want to devote yourself to God before this divine call, you are not approved by God. Because God has specified a time and place for the call. Judaism, and Christianity also are monotheist religions, but they do not have as universality as Islam does.

Islam is the gateway to the Religion of God. We belong to the Religion of God, and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has initiated us into the Religion of God, and we are the first nation on earth that wants to love all humanity in terms of practicality. Islam has been blessed in a sense that we come from Islamic background, and Islam has the credits of calling the world through message of Divine Love.
Islam is the Host of Imam Mehdi and the Religion of God. What you see today is not true form of Islam. Islam is very close to the Religion of God. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said Islam culminates at the threshold of the Religion of God. The Religion of God begins where Islam reaches its peak. Islam is the divine port for the Religion of God to take off.

Mohammad said, "O' Children of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body. If it is corrupt, your entire body is corrupt and if it is correct, your entire body is correct, remember well!- It is your heart”. Please note this hadith is addressed to entire humanity. it is not confined to Muslims only Mohammad himself was declared as universal Mercy for humankind

Unfortunately, Most Muslims failed to understand the universality of Islam, and divine gravity of Mohammad's personal charisma. I have personally met Prophet Mohammad physically and He is a matchless personality. His ethical standards are next to none other than Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. This world couldn’t be more blessed. Mohammad has been to this world and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi will reappear in this world. What could be more wishful an accord!

We are lucky to have belonged to His Holiness Gohar Shahi. We are flag-bearers of Deen-e-Ilahi. The difference between Islam and the Religion of God is very basic. Islam is headed by and focused on Prophet Mohammad. The Religion of God is headed by and focused on Allah himself. The Religion of God does not require the disciple to confine himself to a particular Kalima or a particular set of beliefs. Being a disciple in the Religion of God, one is allowed to continue to practise his culture and creed as per his desire. Islam is more prone to physical and cultural practice, whereas the Religion of God is solely the religion of souls. Our souls are attached with Imam Mehdi. We are disciples of divine love. Our Creed is Love. Our heart and our soul is our temple. Kaba is replaced by Heart. Rituals are replaced by love. Those whom I choose to represent this Mission are chosen by Imam Mehdi and I choose people to carry Gohar's Intuition in their heart, character and practice. Now I want people to become leaders of Humanity.

I want people to embrace Universality, and leave individuality. I want people to work beyond limits of culture, religion and nationality. I want people to work for betterment of Humanity. Moral-degradation is at its peak. Spiritual-degradation is ever-rising. The concept of humanity has reduced to nationality. Being Gohar Shahi's disciple; you are under the obligation that of taking the Goharian Message across Nations.

Since, the Religion of God has not been introduced before so none has the know-how of this Universal religion. Deen-e-Ilahi requires of you to adopt a universal culture, Universal form of worship, Universal Morality, Universal Spirituality, Universal code of conduct. I selected people for the training of becoming a Universal Preacher. We start off with Sikhism…
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