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Notes On The Few Major Sects Of Sikhism

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Notes On The Few Major Sects Of Sikhism
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:59 am

Notes on the Few Major Sects of Sikhism

Namdhari are recognized by their practice of wearing white homespun clothing.
The Sikh belief that the line of personal Gurus ended with the death of Sri Satguru Gobind Singh Ji in 1708, is denied by the Namdhari Sikhs. They insist that the Sri Satguru Gobind Singh Ji lived for 146 years (1666-1812), eventually bestowing the succession on Sri Satgur Guru Balak Singh Ji of Hazro in 1812. Thus, he became the 11th Guru for the Namdharis.

His successor, the 12th Guru, Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji(1816-), is revered in the religion as arguably the most important Guru. His status in the religion is similar to that of Sri Satguru Nanak Dev Ji's. Although he was exiled in 1872 and was never heard from again, legend has it that he is still alive and one day will return to lead the Namdharis.

The 13th Guru was Sri Satguru Hari Singh Ji (1819-1906) who passed on the Guruship to Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji (1890-1959).

At present, His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj is the Guru of the Namdharis. He was born in 1920 and attained Guruship in 1959 when his father, the 14th Guru, died. Although currently suffering from health problems, he still admirably leads the religion and travels around the world to inspire his people.

"Nirankar" (or formless God)- The fundamental beliefs of the Sant Nirankari Mission include:

* God exists.
* God is a single entity, though He has been called by several different names such as Allah, Ishwar etc. throughout history.
* God is formless and therefore may also be called as (Nirankar)
* God can be personally realised. In fact, God realisation is the sole purpose of human life.
* All human beings are God's children.
* A True Spiritual Guide reveals God. Without a True Master, a human being cannot attain God-realisation.
* There is only a single True Master in the world at any present time.
* If a human being wishes to gain God Knowledge, they must ask for it.
* God can be seen.
* Following the five principles (see below) is essential for attaining God-realisation.

Radha Swami is a faith and the truth to realize God. It is neither a religion, nor a caste or creed or sect or a division in society.

Radha Swami faith is based on the fact that Aatma (Soul) is part of Paramaatma (God). Human body is made of five elements prithvi (earth or soil), jal (water), vayu (air), agni (fire) and aakash (ether). At the time of pralaya (dooms day), the earth will be absorbed by water, water by fire, fire by air and air by aakash. Mind goes back to Niranjan (Kaal) as mind is the agent of Kaal. There is one more thing in our body, i.e., Aatma (Soul) which is a part of Paramaatma. Every element is happy to join its source. Earth's source is earth, water's source is ocean , Fire's source is sun, Air's source is atmosphere , Aakaash's source is aakaash itself and Aatma's source is Paramaatma. Aatmaa will be happy when it goes back to Paramaatma.

Radha Swami Satgurus convey the same philosophy as other saints from Sikhism and Hinduism.
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