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His Holiness Gohar Shahi's Revolutionary Message To Humankind

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His Holiness Gohar Shahi's Revolutionary Message To Humankind
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 4:14 am

His Holiness Gohar Shahi's revolutionary Message to humankind

A Muslim says," I am superior to all." A Jewish asserts," I am even better than the Muslim." And a Christian says," I am greater than both the Muslim and the Jewish, and the rest of the religions, because I am from the Nation of God's Son."

His Holiness Gohar Shahi, however, declares
that superior and best of all is one that possesses God's Love in his heart, in spite of his disassociation with any religion.

"Performance of Verbal rituals depicts his obedience and submission to God; whereas invocation by heart serves as an intermediary to obtaining God's love and communication with God."

Those to whom God has granted some rank, are divinely verified and those that pretend are heretic. False claimant of prophet-hood is an infidel; whereas, a false claimant of sainthood is not far behind infidelity. A saint is God's Friend, and it is essential for a Friend to have spoken with and seen him. Prophet Mohammad once warned his companions that some of the deeds of the Prophet must not be imitated and that they are confined to the Prophet only.

Prayers of Every Musalli (Worshiper), "O' God, show me the way of those upon whom you bestowed Your Bounty." Establish such Prayer (Salat) of the Soul that must be performed in Bait-al-Mamour (Place of Dispensing the Divine Duties) which is a Real Prayer, for this Prayer shall continue to be in practice even after death. Just as on the Night of Ascension (the Night Prophet Mohammad ascended to Higher Realms), Souls of All Prophets performed prayer (Salat) in Bethlehem. Stick to Sacred Law (Sharia) strictly, till you see God. However, God has also offered some Substitute for the sinners and the lazy ones. Heart Invocation with God's Name indemnifies for the sins and missed out worship, and it turns the Aspirant into an Enlightened Conscience and a God's Lover eventually.

Then do remember your Lord whilst standing, sitting and tossing on your bed, as when your prayer (Salat) missed out. (Koran)

Nearness, attachment, amiable glance and well-wishes of the saints also brighten the fate of sinners, and save them from the Hell. Please note that Prophet Mohammad sent his companions to Owais Qarni to pray for salvation of his Ummah (following). Generosity, Riyadhah (extensive worship and struggle) and martyrdom also may indemnify for the sins, and qualify for salvation. God appreciates modesty, repentance and tears also. God's Favour. Due to this, Nasouha, the one who used to steal the shrouds of dead bodies, and who used to dishonour and assault dead bodies of women, was forgiven by God. One day, Jesus asked the Satan, "Who do you think is your best friend?" The Satan replied, "A miser-worshipper.” Jesus exclaimed, "Explain how?" The Satan said, "His stinginess nullifies his worship." Jesus continues to ask, "Who do you think your worst enemy is?" The Satan said, "Generous-sinner. " Jesus exclaimed, “Explain how? Satan said, "His generosity washes away his sins."

Those who love and take care of God's Elite and Common Creation and those who support Haq (the Truth) maintain justice also become worthy of God's Mercy.

Poet Iqbal, when he was a student of 3rd or 4th grade, one day as he returned from school, he saw a bitch following him. He climbed the stairs to his home, while the bitch kept staring at him senselessly. He thought, perhaps she was hungry. His father had left a loaf of bread for him. He put before her a half of the loaf, she ate it right away, yet she kept staring at him senselessly. He fed her the other half too, and remained hungry for the rest of the day. His father received a glad tiding in the night regarding the appreciable act of his son and that he has become God’s Favourite.

Subaktgeen noticed deer was following behind his horse as he started to walk away from the jungle, carrying a deer baby. Subaktgeen stopped and noticed that the deer stopped too, raising head and staring into sky. Subaktgeen realized that tears were rolling down her eyes. He released baby-deer. Following this incidence, God showered so much Mercy upon him that he would now often weep in the Name of God.

Mevlana Rumi says: "A moment's company of a Saint is far better than sincere worship of one hundred years."

Holy tradition of Prophet Mohammad, "God says: I become his tongue with which he speaks, and I become his hands with which he holds things."

Abu Zar Ghaffari said: On the Day of Judgement, as the people recognize the saints, they will say, "O' God, I helped him with ablution." God will reply," Let him be granted salvation." Another man will say, "O' God, I gave him clothes to wear or gave him food to eat." God will reply," Let him also be granted salvation." This is how countless men shall find salvation.

Hadith Qudsee: "God says: Whoever bears animosity with my saint, I declare war against him."

God's strategy of war is not that of beheading somebody for one time only, their faith (Emaan) rather is killed. Faith of Such an individual shall be constantly killed with agony eternally everyday in the hereafter life. Bilyim Ba'ur was a great scholar and a worshipper, however, he was sent to hell because he bore animosity against Moses.

People say, "God can be found through worship." We (His Holiness Ra-Gohar Shahi) say, "God is sought through the heart."

Worship is a means for cleanliness of the heart, if one fails to clean the heart through worship, he is far from God. Hadith: God says, "Neither do I look at the deeds of a man, nor do I look at the bodies and faces, I rather look at the hearts and intentions." Undoubtedly, one may obtain paradise through worship; however, the paradise also is far from God. This esoteric knowledge (Deen-e-Ilahi) is for those who care less for the Paradise and damsels therein, and desire none other than love, Nearness and Union with God.

Then as it appears in the verse of Kahaf: God let them find a spiritual guide (Murshid-wali).

When God is pleased by the likable efforts of his servant, God glances at him with utter sight of love, this amiable look of God alone burns away his sins. Those who keep company of such individuals come under the Merciful Sight of God. God's Friends, "Companions of the Cave" went on to sleep or they were in deep meditation. God continued to look at them with Love and Affection, which will lead their companion dog enter the Paradise. When Sheikh Farid earned God's Merciful Sight, his companion-shepherd also was blessed.

When God became pleased with Abu Al Hassan due to his pleasing efforts, God began to talk with him. One day, God said to him, "O' Abu Al Hassan, people will stone you to death, if I disclose to them regarding you." He replied, "Nobody will prostrate before you, if I tell them how Merciful you are!" God said, "Neither, you tell them anything, nor will I."

When zayed was arrested for the third time on consuming alcohol, the Companions of the Prophet said, "Curse on him, he repeats the crime time after time." Prophet Mohammad said, "Do not curse him, for he loves God and His Messenger, and those that love God and His Messenger cannot be sent to hellfire." Undoubtedly, does God love all His creation, and takes care of His creation. God provides for even the helpless insect that dwells in stone. As a disobedient offspring is punished and disinherited, similarly, God becomes Penalizer for the disobedient and blasphemous ones.

Believe-God wants to see you too, but you are unaware, heedless or unfortunate. What people look at, namely your face, you apply cream and shave to look good; whereas, God will look at your heart, did you ever cleanse your heart?

Prophetic Tradition: There is a means to cleanse everything, and God's Remembrance cleanses the hearts.
Pure Love also relates to the hearts. Those who verbally say, "I love you", they are those who deceive. Love is not by choice, it is uncontrollable. Therefore, it just happens with whoever enters the heart.

Means of bringing God in hearts is Visualization, Invocation of God's Name by heart, and God's Saints. The engine alone cannot make a vehicle ply, and it cannot transport anybody to their destination until other parts of the vehicle are also fitted in it. Similarly, Salat (a form of worship) also is incomplete without attainment of mortification of the Self (Nafs) and purification of the heart. When you think, without these necessities your worship is sufficient, and you consider this will earn you the Paradise, then why do you label others as Hell-bound when they too worship? Why do you call them as infidel, apostate and hell-bound? The difference is that one of them is riding a donkey of Jesus, and the other a donkey of Anti-Christ, however, both are dead and darkened in the hearts. (Meaning; one has faith in Jesus but is deprived of purification of the heart, hence he is fooling himself to believe that he belongs to Jesus. The other one is misguided by heart, hence his heart is darkened.) They differ each other in the creed only, whereas, the creeds will remain in this world but the souls will go forth.

When Salat (a form of worship) is confined to verbalization only, and the heart is polluted with absurdities, greed and jealousy, it is known as Salat al Surat (Worship of the body only). Common folks suffer from this wishful thinking, and continue to be victims of sectarianism. Their propagation of religion creates mischief within the Religion. Suppose, you worshipped for ten-fifteen years under the principles of a sect, then you switched over to a new one considering that to be right. It proves that the previous sect you followed was false. The worship (in the false sect) is not acceptable (to God). In other words, you wasted the ten or fifteen years of worship that you did. The chances are that the new sect you joined is a false one. In that case you lost your past and your future worship too. When the blindfold was removed, you found yourself back to square one. You should have searched for a Spiritual Guide than wasting your life.

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